Heated Stone Products Introduces FeelsWarm® Countertop Heaters for Outdoors

Product expansion for stone bars, pool areas & outdoor dining.


LAKEVILLE, Minn. (June 08, 2018) - Heated Stone Products, creator of FeelsWarm® countertop heaters to warm stone countertops, announced today a new application for venues and homes with stone countertops located outdoors. This new offering compliments the company’s core model, ultra-thin stick-on heaters for new and existing countertops. FeelsWarm heaters provide a solution for homeowners who are unhappy with the cold feel of their stone countertop and want to enhance the comfort of their luxurious outdoor living spaces.

The new FeelsWarm outdoor model is designed to accommodate wide ambient temperature ranges, taking away the initial cold shock of stone countertops located outside, particularly those utilized on cool evenings. Heated Stone Products also introduced a new water-resistant controller in conjunction with the heating mat.

“We have seen tremendous success with our countertop heaters in kitchens, offices and bathrooms, so we are excited to expand our product offering to the outdoors,” states Jahn Stopperan, President of Heated Stone Products. “This new model, utilizing 12-24 volts for complete safety, is designed to improve the luxury of outdoor living spaces for both homeowners and businesses that accommodate outdoor entertainment.” 

FeelsWarm patented (pending) heaters work with all types of stone countertops (granite, marble, quartz, and engineered stone) and are the only products on the market specifically for stone counters. All models of FeelsWarm can be plugged into standard outlets without the need for special wiring.

Interested parties are to contact Jacqueline Lundeen at 952-898-9505 ex. 1 or via e-mail at


Minnesota-based Heated Stone Products manufactures FeelsWarm® Heating Technology, the patent-pending technology of thin heaters used in combination with stone countertops, including both existing and new countertops. Its dealers and market partners are premier fabricators serving luxury homes and businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada. Specializing in foil-based heating elements, Heated Stone Products designs and fabricates unusually large heaters using advanced, quick-turn processing techniques. See

7 Advanced Home Product Ideas for Senior Citizens

Product Ideas for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens often face challenges in the home that a younger person may not experience. But no matter the age, everyone deserves to feel comfortable, safe and happy in their own living space. 

Below are 7 luxury ideas that will make your home feel more senior-living friendly.

Stylish Support

Product Ideas for Senior Citizens

Add a touch of elegance while enhancing the safety of your bathroom with these attractive dual purpose grab bars. It just makes sense that anywhere there is water, the risk of slips and falls is higher. These designer grab bars are great for anyone who needs a little extra support but still wants to keep their bathroom looking stylish!


Lightweight Cleaning

Product ideas for senior citizens

If you're sick of having to lug a heavy vacuum cleaner around, this device will make light work of the chore. Founder Nick Grey developed this gadget out of concern for his grandmother, who was struggling with vacuuming. The result is this upright cleaner weighing just 3.5kg. You charge the battery beforehand, then pop it in and it works wirelessly, so there's no lead to trip over. It also means it's easy to get around those awkward corners.


Added Warmth

Seniors with granite or stone countertops commonly dislike how cold the surface feels on their thin skin. Applying a stick-on heating mat underneath the overhang area will resolve this exact problem. “We eat at our granite countertop most of the time and our arms & hands were always cold. Now, we are warm! Loved this product from the beginning.”  -Patricia F., 76 years old


Extraordinary Lounging

The BedLounge was created for hours of comfortable sitting and reading, perfect for senior citizens. As you sink into its resilient foam, you will understand why the completely adjustable BedLounge is more exceptional than any other comfort lounger on the market. All of the BedLounge key parts move, extend or flex to offer you the proper posture and support your body needs.


One-Handed Cooking

The One-Handed Kitchen Helper Kit includes specially-selected products to help anyone who functions with the use of only one hand. The easy-to-use kit includes a rocker knife, zim jar & bottle opener, a Hi-D Paring Board, & an EZ Squeeze one-handed can opener, making cooking a little easier!


Advanced Safety

When your goal is to remain in your own home, you want award-winning home security and home automation solutions to help you do so safely, easily and comfortably. You may also consider purchasing a reliable fall detection device, which can alert an emergency response center of a fall, even if you can’t press the help button. (See this list of the Top Ranked Fall Detection Sensors).


Modern Window Treatments

Motorized blinds come with a remote that is easy for senior citizens to operate, keeping them safe with little to no range of motion in their arms or shoulders. This upgrade is not only a convenient luxury, but a safe one as well.


11 of the Hottest Kitchen Trends in 2018

kitchen trends

Kitchens have become more than just a place for meal preparation. They have turned into the true center of the home for entertaining and every-day family gatherings. 

Below are 11 design and technology trends that are making this year's kitchens stand out from the outdated kitchens of the past. 

Banquette Seating

kitchen trends

Making a comeback from the 80’s, banquette seating has become a popular design trend of 2018. Who wouldn’t want to sit at this sunny little alcove for breakfast every morning?


Gray Cabinetry

kitchen trends

The kitchen industry's leading manufacturers say that while white cabinets continue to be tops, gray is the shade they're betting on to break white's top spot.


French Door Ovens

kitchen trends

Not only are french-door wall ovens stylish, they’re becoming a great choice in limited spaces because you don’t have to allow room for a conventional door to fold down in front. You can even control the oven remotely with your smartphone!


Countertop Beer Brewing

kitchen trends

Craft beer enthusiasts will love this trend. For the small sacrifice of 20.5 inches of countertop width, homeowners are turning their kitchens into their own custom microbreweries!


Square-Tile Backsplashes

kitchen trends

Another trend from the 80’s that is back: square porcelain tiles. Because the tiles are simple both in finish and shape, you can make them a bit more exciting by contrasting it with a different color grout or installing the tiles in a different pattern other than just the typical grid. Click here to read the difference that grout color can make to your tiles.


Heated Countertops

Applying a stick-on heating mat underneath the countertop overhang area has become a popular trend among owners of granite, quartz and other stone countertops. These surfaces tend to feel cold to the touch so adding some heat helps to bring back the comfort and elegance of your island or peninsula.


Induction Cooking

Fast, safe, and aesthetically pleasing -- there are many reasons why homeowners love induction cooking. Utilizing little heat, kitchens stay cool while cooking, and surfaces remain safe to touch. Plus, these cooktops eliminate the need for a large range hood, opening the door to creative design possibilities.


Single Level Multipurpose Kitchen Islands

One of the changes emerging is the single level larger sized islands, serving multiple uses. They now have storage solution cabinets and are being fitted with various under-counter appliances while also providing seating–serving as a casual dining bar.


Fridge & Freezer Dividers

According to NKBA’s 2018 Kitchen and Bath Design Trends study, 55 percent of professional kitchen designers say refrigerator columns are the trendiest item in kitchens. More than 75 percent of designers say homeowners want separate wine refrigerators.


Brass Hardware

Yes, brass is back! Chrome and satin still reign supreme if you want to keep it classic however shiny brass is back in a big way. Not ready to commit? Yet another trend is rose gold.


Wifi-Enabled Appliances

Imagine wanting to cook a lovely dinner, but having to rush to the store first for a few ingredients. Now you can see what is inside your refrigerator from your smart phone and use it to create your shopping list.


Can You Heat a Granite Countertop?

granite countertops

Do your beautiful granite countertops always feel cold when you lean on them? Do you ever wonder what it would be like to have heated countertops?

There is a solution out there for homeowners who are unhappy with the cold feel of their beautiful stone surface, one that doesn’t involve the installment of brand new countertops.

heat granite countertop

Stick-on heating mats for granite and stone countertops are becoming a popular luxury item for both existing and new countertop installations. The ultra-thin mats simply stick on underneath the stone, warming up the surface about twenty-five degrees.

Unlike using a floor heater on your countertop, countertop heating mats are the only product designed specifically for stone countertops without introducing a risk of cracking the stone. Plus, the heater can remain on at all times for as little as $0.15 a day. (Click here to see the difference between using a floor heater versus a countertop heating mat on your surface).

“My countertops are connected to the outside wall of my house and get very cold in the winter,” says Markus B. from Salt Lake City, Utah. “With the heating system installed, I can sit at my bar without freezing my arms off!”

Countertop heating mats require no special wiring and are very easy to install without the help of a professional. Simply peel & stick the mat underneath your existing countertop overhang!

Interested in learning more about heating your granite or stone countertop?  Visit or contact the FeelsWarm team today.

12 Cool Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Makeover

kitchen makeover ideas

Are you planning a kitchen remodel? Or maybe just looking for little ways to spruce up your current kitchen without starting from scratch?

Below are 12 remodeling ideas that are sure to bring your kitchen from gloom to BOOM.

Update Your Cabinets with Glass Inserts

With these easy, step-by-step instructions, anyone can quickly and inexpensively transform builder-grade cabinet doors into beautiful, custom-looking glass insert doors.

Hide Your Cords in a Breadbox

kitchen makeover

Nothing clutters up a space more than the spaghetti heap of cords and plugs needed to recharge all your electronics. Create a discreet charging station with a small bread box and place a power strip inside!

Create Vertical Storage for Baking Pans

kitchen makeover and storage ideas

By using simple dividers or building custom plywood shelves, many cabinets can be transformed into easy-to-access, and most importantly functional storage.

Upgrade Your Cabinet Hardware

kitchen makeover ideas

New handles will transform the entire look of your cabinets and will give you a new appreciation for your kitchen. Check out these 5 Tips On Choosing The Right Kitchen Cabinet Hardware.

Stick on a Heating Mat Under Your Countertop Overhang

kitchen makeover ideas

One of the biggest complaints about granite and quartz counters is how cold they feel when you lean on them. A countertop heating mat will take away that coldness and can be installed in minutes!

Improve Your Kitchen Sink with a Gooseneck Faucet

Not only does a gooseneck faucet look more elegant than a standard faucet, it adds a lot more practicality too!

Paint Your Cabinets Like A Pro

This great step-by-step tutorial shows you how to become a professional when upgrading the look of your cabinets. With something that is so prominent in your kitchen, you will want to be sure to do the process correctly for the best results!

Add a Pull-Out Spice Rack

Transform how you store your spices and other small items by including unique storage ideas to your kitchen.

Install Under-Cabinet Lighting

kitchen makeover ideas

Under-cabinet lighting can vastly improve the workability and appearance of your kitchen. It helps balance the room’s ambient light, eliminating shadows in parts of the kitchen that would otherwise be dark!

Utilize a Pot Filler

Here's an unexpected kitchen feature that is mounted high enough on the kitchen backsplash to provide a flow of water to a big pot of pasta or soup. What a cool idea!

Incorporate Hidden Outlets on Your Countertops

New popup electrical outlets are giving homeowners a lot more flexibility to power their kitchens (and they look a lot nicer too)!

Turn Your Corner Cabinets into Practical Drawers

kitchen makeover ideas

Removing your Lazy Susan with specially designed drawers can make the space way more functional.

Giving your kitchen a makeover can be fun and exciting. Click on any of the images above to get even more ideas on transforming your space!