Why Heated Countertops?

Heated Countertops

You have heard about floor heating, seat warmers, heated towel racks and even heating for your steering wheel. What about countertop heating?

Below are 7 reasons why homeowners enjoy this unique upgrade in their kitchen or office.

1. Stone is cold to the touch.

If you have ever rested your arms on a granite or quartz countertop, you may have noticed how cold the stone feels against your skin. The reason for this is because stone has high thermal conductivity, which means that it allows the heat from your skin to flow through it very quickly. Applying heat under your stone countertop takes that initial shock away and provides a much more soothing feel. 

2. Your electric bill won’t take a hit.

Unlike floor heating, the cost to heat a countertop is very low and is actually designed to be on at all times (although you can choose to turn it off).

3. You only need to heat the areas that you frequently touch.

One common misconception of heated countertops is that the entire surface is warmed up. In fact, most people choose to only heat the areas where you sit at the most, such as the countertop overhang. Not only is this cost effective, but it doesn’t interfere with your food preparations.

4. It’s safe.

Utilizing only 12-24 volts, countertop heaters are extremely safe and will not damage or crack your stone.

5. It’s a practically invisible, yet very noticeable upgrade.

Countertop heating mats are very thin (less than the thickness of 9 pieces of paper) and are designed to fit your exact surface. The heater's single plug-in cord can be easily hidden underneath your cabinet.

6. Your food & coffee can stay warmer for longer.

Owners of heated countertops often appreciate the added benefit of warmer plates & dishes. 

7. It’s easy to install.

Marketed as a "Do-It-Yourself" product, stick-on heating mats are especially easy to apply without the help of a professional. 

Interested in learning more about heated countertops? Click here to read some Frequently Asked Questions or contact the FeelsWarm team today .

Heated Stone Products Expands FeelsWarm Countertop Heater Models

Countertop Heaters new model

Heated Stone Products, creator of FeelsWarm® countertop heaters to warm stone countertops, announced today a new model for countertops without overhangs, such as kitchen islands or peninsulas. This new offering compliments the company’s core model, under-the-counter stick-on heaters. FeelsWarm heaters provide a solution for homeowners who are unhappy with the cold feel of their countertop and want to improve the luxury of their kitchen, bathroom, bar or basement counter.

The new FeelsWarm “NL” model is designed for customers installing a new countertop where the top of the cabinet has a solid support substrate. The customized, plug-and-play heating mat can handle hundreds of pounds of stone or weight when compressed. All models of FeelsWarm can be plugged into standard outlets without the need for special wiring.

“As the world’s leader in countertop heaters, we have been exposed to an enormous variety of countertop designs. This new model addresses the contractor’s need for extremely fast heater installations by permitting the heater to be installed in 60-120 seconds,” states Jahn Stopperan, President of Heated Stone Products. “The design simply rolls out onto the cabinet surface and the heavy stone can be placed directly onto the heater.”

FeelsWarm patented (pending) low-voltage heaters work with all types of stone countertops (granite, marble, quartz, and engineered stone) and are the only products on the market specifically for stone counters.

A one-minute video of how fast and easy the new FeelsWarm NL model is installed can be viewed on YouTube (Heating for New Countertop with No Overhang).

Interested parties are to contact Jacqueline Lundeen at 952-898-9505 ex. 1 or via e-mail at jlundeen(at)feelswarm.com.

Minnesota-based Heated Stone Products manufactures FeelsWarm® Heating Technology, the patent-pending technology of thin heaters used in combination with stone countertops, including both existing and new countertops. Its dealers and market partners are premier fabricators serving luxury homes and businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada. Specializing in foil-based heating elements, Heated Stone Products designs and fabricates unusually large heaters using advanced, quick-turn processing techniques.