20% Off Custom Countertop Warmers

It’s not too late to warm the cold surface that you sit at everyday! FeelsWarm ultra-slim heating mats take away that cold touch of granite and stone countertops. For a limited-time, we are having a sale on our custom heating mats:

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Why heated countertops?

Why Heated Countertops

Stone is cold to the touch.

If you have ever rested your arms on a granite or quartz countertop, you have probably noticed how cold the stone feels against your skin. The reason for this is because the stone’s surface and mass instantly pulls heat away from skin, causing the brain to perceive that the surface is cold. Applying heat under your stone countertop takes that initial shock away and provides a much more soothing feel. 

Why Heated Countertops

Your electric bill won’t take a hit.

Unlike floor heating, the cost to heat a countertop is very low and is actually designed to be on at all times (although you can choose to turn it off).

Why Heated Countertops

You only need to heat the areas that you frequently touch.

One common misconception of heated countertops is that the entire surface is warmed up. In fact, most people choose to only heat the areas where you sit at the most, such as the countertop overhang. Keeping the rest of your counter space at room temperature is beneficial for cooking and food preparations.

Why Heated Countertops

It’s safe.

Utilizing only 12-24 volts, countertop heaters are extremely safe and will not damage or crack your stone. The mat plugs directly into a standard outlet without the need for special wiring.

Why Heated Countertops

It’s a practically invisible, yet very noticeable upgrade.

Countertop heating mats are very thin (less than the thickness of 9 pieces of paper) and are designed to fit your exact surface. The heater’s single plug-in cord can be easily hidden underneath your cabinet.

Why Heated Countertops

Your food & coffee can stay warmer for longer.

Owners of heated countertops often appreciate the added benefit of warmer plates & dishes. 

Why Heated Countertops

It’s easy to install.

Marketed as a do-it-yourself (DIY) product, stick-on heating mats are especially easy to apply without the help of a professional. Simply peel, stick and plug it in!