How to Make a Heated Table for Comfortable Warmth

How to Make a Heated Table for Comfortable Warmth

As granite, quartz and marble continue to be the most popular surface in new homes and businesses, people are discovering just how cold these types of stones feel to the touch. The coldness can make it uncomfortable to lean on, especially when sitting at a kitchen island, desk, or peninsula.

To address this problem, FeelsWarm created a product that warms the stone 20-25 degrees, just enough to take away the initial cold shock of cold countertops. These ultra-thin heating mats adhere under the stone and plug into a standard outlet inside the cabinetry.

The product works great for countertops and desks, but what about for tables that have no electrical power?

A homeowner in San Francisco, CA chose a massive, sleek stone table to go in their new kitchen and wanted the added luxury of a warm surface to sit at every day. Utilizing a custom FeelsWarm heating mat, Transworld Construction was confident that they could deliver exactly what the client wanted.

The heating mat is designed to warm the perimeter of the table, where people most commonly rest their arms and wrists. With the base of the table being a solid wood surface, the slim mat could be fully compressed in between the stone and substrate.

Transworld took the extra step of concaving a small cavity in the wood to accommodate for the heater’s wiring. This also allowed them to direct the cords to the center of the table where the power would be run from underneath.

FeelsWarm mats are designed with an adhesive backing, making it easy for the installer to secure the heater exactly in place before laying down the stone.

These homeowners can now enjoy the comfort of a warm and inviting surface without compromising the look of their beautiful new kitchen table. Plus, the heating mat utilizes very minimal electrical power, allowing them to leave it on at all times without the extra added expense.

man using pencil and paper to size the dimensions of a wooden plank
worker cutting wooden plant with circular saw
freshly cut wooden plant flipped upside down
stand alone countertop with exposed wiring

Watch the video above to see how Transworld Construction added heat to the client’s table. This process can be also utilized on commercial applications and conference room tables.

Interested in warming your countertop or table? Click here to learn more about how it works.


Which Countertop Material Is the Best?

Which Countertop Material Is the Best?

Deciding which countertop surface is the right one for your home is a big decision in the building or remodeling process. You not only want to be sure that you will love the look of the end result, but that the material you choose works best with your lifestyle and budget. While there are many factors that go into comparing countertop materials, the most important ones to consider include stain & scratch resistance, how easy it is to clean & maintain, heat resistance, durability, how cold it feels on your skin, and last, but not least, price. 

Below is a comparison overview of the eight most common materials: granite, quartz, marble, laminate, concrete, stainless steel, solid surface (acrylic) and wood: 


If you are looking into a stone countertop option but want to avoid resting your arms on a cold surface, click here to learn more about FeelsWarm’s ultra-thin heaters for countertops.