Template Instructions



Using pieces of paper, lie them onto the countertop, overlapping each  other and ensuring each sheet overhangs the edge of the countertop.  Tape them together extremely well and tape them temporarily to the countertop itself.

Using a marker or pencil, draw along the outer edge of the paper so that the countertop shape transfers to the bottom side of the paper.

On the top side of the paper, sketch the features you need incorporated into the heater, such as:

1. The depth of the overhang of the counter (12” for instance) all around the counter shape.  Note:  The depth may not be the same in all areas.

2. Identify the locations & sizes of the corbels/support brackets (if any).

3. Mark the approximate area where you want the heating to take place (show a dotted line or cross-hatched area and write “heating here” on the sheet.

4. Write on the top of the paper “TOP DOWN” as viewed from the top of the countertop.

Identify where the cable should be located along the back side or at one end of the heater.  This is an approximate location but should correlate with the cupboard where there is an 120V outlet.  The transformer will be located in this cupboard.

When the template is marked with the features, then un-tape the template from the countertop.  Ensure that the individual pieces of paper are taped together well, including adding tape to the back-side.  It is important that the sheets hold together when handled.

Turn the template upside down and cut the template to the drawn edge.  Fold the template up into a smaller size that can be mailed in an large envelope.

Write your name and contact information on the template and send to:

Heated Stone Products
17889 Impala Path
Lakeville, MN 55044