12 Cool Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Makeover


Are you planning a kitchen remodel? Or maybe just looking for little ways to spruce up your current kitchen without starting from scratch?

Below are 12 remodeling ideas that are sure to bring your kitchen from gloom to BOOM.

Update Your Cabinets with Glass Inserts


Follow these easy, step-by-step instructions, to light some light into those cabinets and proudly display your dishes. Custom glass inserts in your cabinet doors will also open up your kitchen and will give it an extra piece of charm.

Hide Your Cords in a Breadbox


If your counter constantly feels cluttered with cord and chargers, this unique idea will clean up your space without making it inconvenient to power your electronics. Make a discreet charging station from a wooden bread box and place a power strip inside!

Create Vertical Storage for Baking Pans

kitchen makeover

Talk about functional storage! This use of simple dividers will transform your cabinet space and allow you to properly store your pans, lids, plates and more. You could also choose to build your own plywood shelf dividers.

Upgrade Your Cabinet Hardware

kitchen makeover ideas

New handles will transform the entire look of your cabinets and will give you a new appreciation for your kitchen. Check out these 5 Tips On Choosing The Right Kitchen Cabinet Hardware.

Stick on a Heating Mat Under Your Countertop Overhang

kitchen makeover ideas

One of the biggest complaints about granite and quartz counters is how cold they feel when you lean on them. A countertop heating mat will take away that coldness and can be installed in minutes!

Improve Your Kitchen Sink with a Gooseneck Faucet

Not only does a gooseneck faucet look more elegant than a standard faucet, it adds a lot more practicality too!

Paint Your Cabinets Like A Pro

This great step-by-step tutorial shows you how to become a professional when upgrading the look of your cabinets. With something that is so prominent in your kitchen, you will want to be sure to do the process correctly for the best results!

Add a Pull-Out Spice Rack

Transform how you store your spices and other small items by including unique storage ideas to your kitchen.

Install Under-Cabinet Lighting

kitchen makeover ideas

You can never go wrong with more light! Under-cabinet lighting helps to balance the room’s ambient light, improve the workability of your area and make your kitchen feel larger. No more dark, shadowy spots under your cabinets!

Utilize a Pot Filler

Here’s an unexpected kitchen feature that is mounted high enough on the kitchen backsplash to provide a flow of water to a big pot of pasta or soup. What a cool idea!

Incorporate Hidden Outlets on Your Countertops

New popup electrical outlets are giving homeowners a lot more flexibility to power their kitchens (and they look a lot nicer too)!

Turn Your Corner Cabinets into Practical Drawers

kitchen makeover ideas

Removing your Lazy Susan with specially designed drawers can make the space way more functional.

Giving your kitchen a makeover can be fun and exciting. Click on any of the images above to get even more ideas on transforming your space!


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