FeelsWarm FAQs

Why purchase a heating mat for my countertop?

Stone countertops are perceived as being cold to the touch. Having a heated countertop allows for comfort especially when one leans on the surface often. It adds luxury to a home, portrays elegance, and adds to the overall comfort of the area.

Where can heating be installed?

For a new installation, you can heat any stone surface including kitchen islands, overhangs, desks, bathroom counters, bars, vanities, shower seats or reception desks. It is recommended to heat the edge of a counter and not the entire stone. For an existing countertop, you can add heat to any overhanging area. 

How much weight can the heaters hold?

Both the stick-on and compressed heaters can handle the weight and compression of any stone countertop, which can be as heavy as 30 pounds per square foot. Read More

How long does it take to receive the unit once I order?

Custom heaters are shipped in 2-3 weeks. Standard stick-on mats are shipped in 2-3 business days. Faster shipping options are available upon request.

Will the FeelsWarm mat work properly if there is a layer of wood underneath my countertop?

Yes, but make sure you provide the details about the layer of support board or plywood when the order is placed to ensure proper performance.

Can I adjust the temperature of the mat?

You can adjust the temperature down using the optional Thermal Controller, which has six temperature settings. The controller is not required for the mat to function and can always be purchased later.

How long does the countertop take to warm up?

FeelsWarm Technology heaters are engineered for a “slow warm-up”. You can expect a counter to reach its maximum temperature setting in approximately 90 minutes.

How much does it cost to run the heater?

Compared to floor heating, warming a countertop is remarkably low.  The product utilizes between 24 – 220 watts depending on the size of the heater. It is most common to leave the countertop warmer on 24/7, or you can utilize a standard timer to program your desired heating times.

What electrical requirements are needed?

FeelsWarm Technology operates on 6-24 volts. Similar to a laptop computer, each heating mat is supplied with a low-voltage transformer which plugs into a standard outlet. A customized power line is not required. Current draw on a 120V line is between 0.5 – 2 amps depending upon the heater size.

How warm does the countertop get?

The surface temperature of the stone countertop stabilizes around 20°F above the room temperature. The intent of the heater is to elevate the stone temperature so that it no longer feels cold to the touch. The heater is not designed to be very warm or to get hot.

When should the included Surface Prep Kit be used?

The epoxy kit that included with each mat is required for “rough cut” natural stone, which is typically quartz or granite. Smooth granite and any stone with a mesh backing will most likely not need the kit.

Is countertop heating safe for my stone?

Click here to see how safe FeelsWarm warmers are for countertops.

Can I heat an existing countertop that has support beams?

Yes, you can customize a mat that fits your exact shape and size, including cutouts for corbels or support beams.

Can I heat an outdoor countertop?

We have an Outdoor Model available for outdoor applications. Contact us to discuss this option.

What is the warranty?

Click here to see FeelsWarm’s warranty information.


Remove the cold feel of your island or desk with a FeelsWarm countertop warmer.