Below are some answers to the most common questions we get about our unique product. Click here to see the various product options that we provide for heating your countertop. 

Why purchase a heating mat for my countertop?

Stone countertops are perceived as being cold to the touch. Having a heated countertop allows for comfort especially when one leans on the surface often. It adds luxury to a home, portrays elegance, and adds to the overall comfort of the area.

Where can heating be installed?

For a new installation, a customer can heat any of their stone surfaces. The typical places that are heated include kitchen islands, overhangs, desks, bathroom counters, bars, vanities, reception desks and any indoor application where stone is being considered. It is recommended to heat the edge of a counter and not the entire stone. On average, customers heat 10-14” from the edge of the counter where persons are often making contact. In addition, stone is not a good thermal conductor so it is important to place the heater near the edge and where heat is desired.

How is the product offered?

Customized Stick-On Heaters (added to the underside of a new or existing stone counter). FeelsWarm Technology stick-on heaters are very thin (under 25 thousandths of an inch thick) and are permanently attached to the underside of the stone top. The heater shape and size is configured to the customer’s unique counter, whether overhanging or resting on framework, angled or curved. The heating mats are an easy Do-It-Yourself installation that can be applied to the stone. The heating mat runs on a low voltage transformer and comes with a thermal control unit to adjust the temperature.

Standard Pre-Sized Stick-On Heaters (for heating specific spots of the counter). These heaters are ideal for customers that desire smaller, specific areas to be heated, like at a receptionist desk or at a commonly used counter area that has a straight edge counter. They can be installed by the customer, contractor, or by an authorized dealer. The sizes offered are: 11 x 17, 11 x 33, 11 x 48 and 11 x 64.

What is the warranty?

FeelsWarm Technology is utilized in industries of military, aerospace, industrial, automotive, and medical devices and is a proven reliable product in applications of significantly more stringent environments than indoor passive heating under slow heat-up conditions. Customers can be confident in a long-lasting heating system for your countertops.

Compressed & Stick-On Heating Mats: 3-Year Warranty from date of purchase. (Excluding damage, tampering, improper electrical powering, or wiring).

Transformer & Thermal Control Switch: 2-Year Warranty from date of purchase.

How do I adjust the temperature?

Simply adjust the thermal control unit in minor amounts, waiting an hour or so to determine its result. After a desired temperature is attained, further adjustments are typically not needed.

How do I purchase the products?

FeelsWarm countertop heaters are available directly through Heated Stone Products and through authorized dealers. Interested parties can visit www.feelswarm.com. By contacting your local authorized dealer, a representative will discuss the exact details of the project, including documenting specific heating locations, analyzing input power requirements, discussing control options, and recording the specific layout and design so that a custom heater can be created to exactly fit the countertop. The local dealer will also arrange installation if desired.

What is the price of FeelsWarm heaters?

It is recommended that customers heat the areas where they lean, including the outer edge of a counter. Pricing is based on the size of only the heated counter space. Visit our pricing page to learn more about the cost of a standard or custom FeelsWarm heating mat.

How long does the countertop take to heat up?

FeelsWarm Technology heaters are engineered for a “slow warm-up” and therefore customers can expect a counter to reach its maximum temperature setting in approximately 90 minutes.

If the thermal control unit is used to adjust the temperature, changes in temperature setting will not be noticed immediately. Customers should anticipate that it will take 20-30 minutes before a change can be felt. If the customer chooses to not leave the heater on at all times, it is common to turn the heater on an hour before so that the countertop feels warm at the predicted time of use.

How much does it cost to heat the countertop?

The cost to operate the countertop heater varies based on the size. However, remarkably, the cost to heat a countertop is very low. Although the cost of electricity changes by location, the approximate cost to operate a 4 square foot heater continuously will be similar to a 75 watt light bulb or approximately $0.25 per day.

How long does it take to receive the unit once I order?

Customers purchasing customized stick-on heaters can expect delivery of the customized heater in two weeks after the order is placed. Standard ‘stick-on’ heaters are stocked and available for immediate purchase. Customers applying the heating mats to a new countertop can expect that there would be no impact or delay in the delivery of the stone countertop compared to a nonheated countertop.

What electrical requirements are needed?

FeelsWarm Technology operates on 12-24 volts. Each heating mat is supplied with a voltage transformer similar to a transformer for a laptop computer. This transformer must plug into standard house power of 120V. The transformer power cord typically is hidden inside a cabinet where the heated countertop is installed. A customized power line is normally not required. Current draw on a 120V line is typically ½ – 2 amps depending upon the size of the heater.

How hot does the counter get?

The surface temperature of the stone countertop stabilizes around 25 degrees above the room temperature. For a 70 degree room, the counter will rise to approximately 95 degrees. The intent of the heater is to elevate the stone temperature so that it no longer feels cold to the touch. The heater is not designed to be very warm or to get hot.

What types of stone counters can FeelsWarm be applied to?

FeelsWarm Technology can be applied to multiple stone types; natural, engineered, marble, granite, quartz, limestone, Soapstone, Cambria, and Silestone. It can also be used on concrete, pewter, and stainless steel countertops. The heaters can be used with varying stone thickness as well as applications where wood is laminated to the stone. Identify your stone thickness when ordering.

How is the heated countertop controlled?

Each FeelsWarm countertop heater* is supplied with a control set including two items:

Transformer: A power transformer is included to supply the 12 – 24 volts to the heater (access to 110V power is required). Typical current draw is .5 – 2.5 amps depending upon the size so that existing home circuits can operate suitably without running a separate line to the heater.

Thermal Control Unit: A thermal control unit, typically mounted inside a cabinet, enables customers to vary the temperature to his/her preferred level. Usually, the temperature is set at installation and does not need adjusting thereafter. The heater is permanently designed to limit its ‘top end’ temperature so that the counter can never get hot to the touch. If desired, customers may operate the heater without any controls. Turning the device on can be done by simply plugging and unplugging the power supply.

*Standard-sized heaters do not come with a Thermal Control Unit.

Are the heaters safe?

The technology capitalizes on low voltage power, which is the same type of power for outdoor lighting and portable computers. Even with this low safe voltage, the heater system also has redundant safety precautions consisting of a built-in overload fuse, the transformer output limit, flame retardant material construction, and GFIC circuit protection.

The heaters are fabricated with a high abrasion-resistant material to prevent puncture or wear. They are bonded with a specially formulated adhesive ideal for stone to ensure excellent adhesion and to act as a seal against spills and liquids.

The product design includes an ultra-thin overall heater profile to deter accidental catching or snagging on the heater edges.

The stick-on heaters resist chair arms from scratching and damaging the heater while the high strength heater attachment adhesive provides outstanding bond to the stone so that peeling and de-lamination of the heater from the stone is highly unlikely.