Is It Safe To Heat

FeelsWarm Technology is designed specifically for stone, making it the only safe way to heat countertops without introducing a risk of cracking the stone. The low-voltage transformer (24 volts or less DC) that powers the heating mat is UL listed with over-power surge protection and over-thermal protection, making it safe to leave on at all times. 

FeelsWarm heaters are comprised of high-impact plastic films that are bonded to the stone with extremely high-bond strength adhesive. This prevents any peeling of the edges and avoids the risk of chair arms or young children from poking at the edges of the mat. Both the adhesive bonding layers in the heater and the scratch protective film are flame retardant rated by UL. The perimeter bonding method is designed to be a defense against spilled liquids leaking into the electrical coils of the heater.


In the past, force air heating, fluid-based tube heating and electric resistive floor heating mats have been used to heat countertops with modest results, sometimes even damaging the stone. These technologies were developed for general home heating and floor heating but they are not ideal for the specific needs of countertop heating.

Below are the major differences between utilizing a FeelsWarm heating mat versus a floor heating mat on a stone countertop. 




Floor heating elements are often 2-3 inches apart, causing uneven heating and a cold edge.

FeelsWarm patterns have spaces under 1/2 inch, allowing for uniform heating throughout the entire area without hot/cold zones. The heater is ultra-thin heater (under .025” thick) enables the heater to be mounted close to the edge of the counter.

Floor heaters typically use 120 (or 240) volts and cycle on and off to arrive at a surface temperature range. This temperature fluctuation introduces stress and fatigue in the stone, causing the potential for cracking.

FeelsWarm Technology utilizes 12-24 volts and is engineered to keep the stone at a constant temperature.

A floor heater’s high 120 volts can impact the contact area by spiking it well above the desired temperature. Aggressive heating also creates temperature differences within the layers of the stone. Both can produce shock to the stone, risking a fracture of the surface.

FeelsWarm uses a passive warming system to slowly warm the stone, taking 90 minutes to raise the temperature. This slow warming approach and lack of temperature pulsing eliminates the shock into the stone. It is most common to leave the countertop mat running at all times as it uses less than 2 amps from a standard outlet.

Floor heating coils can only be used on new countertop installations and can not be applied to the overhanging area. 

With a simple peel-and-stick application, FeelsWarm’s stick-on heating mats are perfect for existing countertop overhangs. FeelsWarm also offers customizable heaters for new countertop installations.


FeelsWarm Technology does not introduce any visual or color changes to the top surface of the stone. The reason for this is the level of heat introduced into the countertop is quite minor. FeelsWarm mats target a low temperature of only 95°F (less than body temperature) to remove the cold feel of stone, resulting in the countertop feeling warm to the touch. Producing a surface temperature warmer than the human body would cause a person’s skin to sweat – an undesirable result. A stone surface of only 95°F is well below the ratings of all countertop surfaces (natural stone or manmade stone) that typically can handle temperatures exceeding 200°F.

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Remove the cold feel of your island or desk with a FeelsWarm countertop warmer.