In addition to functioning as a countertop heater, FeelsWarm thin panel heating technology is utilized in industries of military, aerospace, industrial, automotive, and medical devices and is a proven reliable product in applications of significantly more stringent environments than indoor passive heating under slow heat-up conditions.

You can be confident in a long-lasting heating system for your countertops.

The guarantee offered with the products is segregated into the heating mat and the electronic control/power devices:

Heating Mat Warranty:

  • Compressed Heaters | 3 Years
  • Stick-on Heaters | 3 Year (Excluding Damage)

Controls (Field Replaceable/Independent Devices) Warranty:

  • Transformer | 2 Years
  • Thermal Control Switch | 2 Years

Customers are to follow installation instructions thoroughly. Claims will not be allowed for direct or indirect damages beyond this product due to failure to follow installation instructions.

Official agreement terms and conditions is included with the purchase.