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A countertop warmer to fit your exact surface. 

No matter what shape, style or size your stone surface is, there is a FeelsWarm countertop warmer just right for you. Our products are designed for counters with or without overhangs and are plugged into standard outlets without the need for special wiring. The mats warm the stone about 20° above room temperature, just enough to take away that cold feel. 

1.  Custom Stick-On Heaters

If you already have stone installed in your home or business, FeelsWarm’s stick-on heaters can be customized to exactly match the shape of your current countertop overhang (including working around supports). The mat adheres to the underside of a countertop and radiates heat upward to take the chill off the surface. It is most typical to heat the front 10″-15″ of the overhang.

2.  Custom Compressed Heaters

If you are installing a new countertop where the top of the cabinet has a solid substrate, FeelsWarm offers a customized heating mat that compresses between the substrate & the stone for an even easier installation. Our stick-on mats can also be compressed if you are planning to heat more than just the overhang. Read More 

3.  Standard Stick-On Heaters

For customers who have a straight, rectangular area such as a desk or overhang, FeelsWarm offers a standard line that is a more affordable option for under-the-counter heat. Keep in mind that you will only feel warmth where the mat is placed.

Countertop Heating is Excellent For:
Senior Living
Kitchen Islands & Peninsulas 
Hotels, Banks & Salons
Stone Desks
Food Warming & Staging
Shower Seats
Basement Bars

Looking to heat an outdoor countertop? Contact us to discuss our FeelsWarm Outdoor Model.   


Remove the cold feel of your island or desk with a FeelsWarm countertop warmer.