Heat Your Desk



Stick on desk heaters

Standard sizes

  • 11 x 17" : $199
  • 11 x 33" : $330
  • 11 x 48" : $540
  • 11 x 64" : $625
heated desk

If you work at a desk made of granite or quartz, take a moment to feel just how cold the surface feels against your skin. Surprisingly, the stone is room temperature, but its mass instantly pulls heat away from skin, causing the brain to perceive that the surface is cold. Crazy, right?

Our stick-on heaters, starting at just $175, will raise the temperature of your desk 20-25°, leaving you with a much more soothing feel during your work day.

We have four standard-sized options, each plugging into a standard 120V outlet. The simple peel-and-stick application takes minutes to install which is why they are marketed as a “Do-It-Yourself” product. You can even leave your heater on all the time, costing only pennies a day.

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