FeelsWarm Enters Partnership with WarmlyYours


February 4, 2014 – As of today, Heated Stone Products has entered into a national distribution agreement with WarmlyYours Radiant Heating that makes FeelsWarm available through the WarmlyYours network of dealers.

Designed specifically for countertops, FeelsWarm Technology gently raises the temperature of the stone 20 to 25 degrees, just enough to remove the initial cold shock when a person leans on the counter or touches the surface in the morning. The low-voltage heating elements of FeelsWarm Technlology can be integrated into stone slabs and are also available in custom or standard-sized stick-on versions. The technology will be tested with concrete countertops soon.

While authorized dealers determine exact pricing, the approximate installed price is comparable to other stone upgrades, such as edging or color. Typically, only the portion of the countertop where a person’s arms rest is heated, which minimizes the cost. Either an optional temperature controller or an optional easy-to-use programmer operates the FeelsWarm heating element, allowing users to schedule on and off times automatically depending on their needs.

FeelsWarm products are available in three options: integrated heaters, customized stick-on heaters and presized stick-on heaters.

Visit www.FeelsWarm.com to learn more.


Since 1999, WarmlyYours Radiant has offered the industry’s most innovative solutions in radiant heating technology, from our flagship floor heating systems and radiant wall panels to snow melting products and towel warmers. With locations in the U.S. and Canada, WarmlyYours provides unrivaled personalized customer support from start to finish, featuring measuring and design services, 24/7 technical support, and our No Nonsense™ Warranty.


Minnesota-based Heated Stone Products manufactures FeelsWarm® Heating Technology, the patent-pending technology of thin heaters used in combination with stone countertops, including both existing and new countertops. Its dealers and market partners are premier fabricators serving luxury homes and businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada. Specializing in foil-based heating elements, Heated Stone Products designs and fabricates unusually large heaters using advanced, quick-turn processing techniques.


Remove the cold feel of your island or desk with a FeelsWarm countertop warmer.