FeelsWarm Technology Introduces New Collection of Countertop Warmers

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our product line by offering more standard sizes and color options for our customers and network of dealers.  Our stick-on mats are now available in both WHITE and BLACK, giving you more selection when heating your countertop. The same great product, now offered in two different colors.

Introducing Our New Offering of FeelsWarm Countertop Warmers

FeelsWarm mats are ultra-thin (.03″ thick) and adhere to the underside of your countertop to take the chill off the surface. While the mat is practically invisible from eye level, the option to select white is an added bonus for those looking to better match their lighter countertops underneath. 

In addition to our four standard sizes, FeelsWarm is now adding 3 NEW PRODUCT SIZES to our standard line. Perfect for straight rectangular areas, our standard heaters ship in 2-3 days and are a more affordable option compared to our custom mats. We now have three larger sizes for those looking to heat a straight-edge countertop or desk. If a standard size (listed below) doesn’t work for your space, we will work with you to design a mat that perfectly matches the shape and size that you need.

*Cord locations are shown with the mat sticky-side up. 

Our mats can be installed on your existing countertop (DIY!) or applied during a new countertop installation. Simply peel and stick the mat to your overhang and plug it into an outlet. Treat yourself to the gift of warmth this season. Contact us today to learn more.

A woman putting her hands on a light gray stone countertop to feel the warmth from the FeelsWarm countertop heating system


Remove the cold feel of your island or desk with a FeelsWarm countertop warmer.