8 Businesses That Would Benefit from Heated Countertops

Adding heat to warm up cold countertops, specifically granite and quartz, has become a popular and highly-praised renovation for many homeowners. The added heat warms up the kitchen and brings out the luxury of the home.

A kitchen isn’t the only area where cold countertops exist, however. Many businesses would benefit from adding stick-on heating mats to their stone surfaces.

  1. Banks to enhance the environment where customers and employees come in and touch every day.
  2. Offices with Granite Desks to appease the employees who rest their arms on a cold surface all day.
  3. Hotel Lobbies to impress guests and remove that initial “shock” of touching cold stone.
  4. Luxurious Apartment Common Rooms to increase the comfort and entertainment setting for residents.
  5. Bars & Restaurants to make drinking and eating out a more luxurious experience. You can even choose which areas of the counter to heat so that drinks stay cold but food stays warm!
  6. Senior Living Centers to soothe the skin of residents and remove the cold from where they sit and rest their arms every day.
  7. Car Dealerships to impress potential clients in a high-end setting.
  8. Health Clubs to improve the comfort of locker-room benches, sink areas and front desks.

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Businesses with heated countertops


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