Add Luxury to Your Kitchen with FeelsWarm®

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This “DIY” product removes the cold feel of your stone countertop, leaving you with comfortable warmth whenever you sit at your kitchen island or peninsula. Plugging into an outlet inside your cabinetry, FeelsWarm® warming mats can be customized to fit your exact countertop shape & size.

*LOW VOLTAGE: Utilizes 12-24 Volts for complete safety

*CUSTOM HEATED AREAS within a countertop design

*COST EFFECTIVE: Heats only where you commonly touch

*ACCOMODATES all corbels/support beams

*ULTRA THIN: Only 1/32 inch thick

*TEMP ADJUSTMENT controller included with heater

*FAST DELIVERY: Designed & shipped in 7-9 business days 

*VERSATILE: Works with all stone surfaces

two women touching wine glasses while sitting at a stone countertop
underside view of stone countertop with heating pad attached
wiring assembly for FeelsWarm heating mat


Remove the cold feel of your island or desk with a FeelsWarm countertop warmer.