10 Products That Will Help You Have a Better Morning

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As the cold weather takes over, so do the difficult mornings of getting out of bed. Whether or not you consider yourself a “morning person”, starting off your day on the right foot can sometimes be challenging.

Here are 10 products that are sure to make your mornings a little better:

Rainfall Shower Head

Pivoting chrome square showerhead image


Giving you a new shower feel, you will look forward to stepping under a warm rainfall with perfect water pressure every morning.

Weekly Hanger Markers


Take the stress out of the morning by having your outfits already planned out for the week. Just use these cute markers to organize your looks for the week ahead.

Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock


This calming and innovative clock gradually brightens, mimicking the rising sun and providing a more natural way to start your morning.

Programmable Coffee Maker

CuisineArt brand coffee grinder and maker


Who doesn’t love to wake up to the smell of fresh coffee? Easily brew up to 12 cups of great-tasting coffee with this 24-hour fully programmable coffeemaker.

Countertop Warmer

woman holding coffee mug over stone countertop


For anyone who has cold granite countertops, this thin mat goes under your overhang and warms the stone just enough to take away that cold chill when leaning on it. Now you can comfortably enjoy your morning coffee on a warm surface!

Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

stainless steel breakfast sandwich maker


This appliance can make one or two sandwiches in about five minutes. And since it does all the cooking for you, once you’ve prepped the machine with your desired ingredients, you can focus on getting ready for the day.

Heated Shaving Cream Dispenser

automatic shaving cream dispensing machine


Slapping cold shaving gel or foam on your face can be a shock to the system. This neat gadget warms your chosen product in just two minutes.

Sunlight Lamp


This product is great for those early morning Zoom calls when the sun isn’t even up yet. It is often used by people with seasonal depression because it mimics natural sunshine.

Heated Slippers


If you don’t have heated floors in your bathroom, or you simply hate the feeling of cold feet, these are a life saver. You will love the comfort and warmth of these heated slippers, especially on those frigid winter mornings.

Steamer for Clothes


A fast and efficient way to remove wrinkles! This awesome time saver will make you feel more productive and less rushed in the morning.