Using a Floor Heater to Warm Your Countertop? There’s a Better Solution


Wanting the most durable and elegant surface, homeowners today often choose granite, quartz or marble as their countertop selection. A common complaint about stone countertops, however, is that they feel cold to the touch. If you were to compare a wood table to a granite table for example, you would notice the apparent difference between how the two surfaces feel against your skin.

To reduce the cold feel of stone, renovators and builders have been forced to get creative, using methods such as force air heating, fluid-based tube heating, and most commonly, floor heating mats. While these methods may get the job done, they may not be safe for the stone and are not recommended for effective results. 

Tom Broderick from The Cabinetry in Sylvania, Ohio, recently encountered a customer who wanted a heated granite island. Unaware that countertop heating mats exist, Tom and his team installed a floor heater on the stone countertop. 

“We ended up embedding floor heating coils within the stone itself,” said Tom. “The project alone was very extensive and time consuming.”

Not only was the installation a headache, but the results were not what the client had hoped for.

“Since it is not possible to install floor heating up to the edge [of the countertop], we unfortunately had to leave this area unheated,” Tom explained. “The problem is that those first few inches are where everyone touches the most.”

Due to the thermal properties of stone, heat only radiates a little over an inch, so the customer was not happy with a cold front edge. 

Luckily, Tom and his team came upon FeelsWarm’s countertop heating mats and discovered that they could customize a narrow mat to warm the front edge of the island. FeelsWarm ultra-thin mats, the only heaters designed specifically for stone countertops, use a peel-and-stick method, making it easy for Tom’s team to apply additional heat to the already installed countertop. They simply stuck down the thin heating strip to the exposed quartz underneath.

Tom expressed that in the future he plans to always utilize FeelsWarm to not only protect the stone, but to give clients the comfortable warmth right up to the edge.

“After my experience with the same product, your’s is so much more user friendly and purpose-specific versus purpose-adapted,” Tom concluded. “My client is very pleased and let me know that it is working ‘perfectly’. Just love when that happens.”

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