What Are Dekton Countertops?

What is Dekton? A shot of an industrial farmhouse kitchen with Dekton counters


If you have not yet heard of Dekton by Cosentino, we are here to tell you all about this unique and popular countertop material. What is Dekton? Sold all around the world, Dekton is considered one of the most durable selections for countertops.

So before you narrow in on only granite or quartz for your next kitchen renovation, take a moment to give this special surface a chance.

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What is Dekton?

A traditional kitchen with light gray Dekton counters


Dekton is a sophisticated blend of the raw materials used to produce the very latest in glass and porcelain and the highest quality quartz work surfaces. Dekton is brought to you by Cosentino, the makers of Silestone.

What is Dekton Made Of?

Various color options for Dekton counter tops that resemble stone in a showroom.


These counters are made with the use of “sinterized” particles. These are particles that have undergone an accelerated version of the same kinds of changes that natural stone undergoes when it is subjected to high temperature and high pressure for thousands of years. 

This process creates a surface that is as durable as natural stone but non-porous and capable of withstanding high temperatures with ease.

Does It Stain Easily?

A kitchen with dark grey cabinets and a light-colored kitchen island made of Dekton.


Due to its low porosity, the ultra-compact Dekton surface is highly resistant to staining in day-to-day use, making it ideal for use as a kitchen worktop. In the rare case of aggressive stains, it is recommended to use specific products such as cream detergents with abrasive particles or solvents.

Is It Scratch Resistant?

An all-white kitchen with Dekton countertops


Dekton is virtually impervious to scratching, staining, UV light, water, cold, and fire. It is so strong and versatile, Cosentino is touting it as much for exterior applications like building cladding as indoor ones like countertops and floors.

Is It Heat Resistant?

Grilled corn resting on Dekton counters.


Unique compared to other surfaces, this material withstands high temperatures without burning, scorching, or cracking. Hot pots and crock pots can be placed directly on the surface. Plus, Dekton is highly resistant to ultraviolet (UV) light and will not fade or degrade over time, making it perfect for outdoor kitchens.


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What Is the Difference Between Dekton & Quartz?

What are Dekton Countertops? They Can resemble quartz like in this kitchen with white counters with grey marbling throughout.


Quartz countertops are made with a resin that is used to bind crushed stone together. 

The resin is what gives the countertop its flexibility and makes it very hard to crack or chip. These kitchen countertops crack and chip much easier than quartz does. But, the drawback of the resin in quartz is that it cannot handle high temperatures. With quartz, you always need to insulate hot pots and pans from the countertop.

Is It Easy to Clean?

An professional kitchen with multiple burners and a large hood.


Dekton is a non-porous material, so it never needs to be sealed. Once installed, the maintenance is easy. It naturally prevents liquids and gases from penetrating the surface, and it’s so easy to clean.

What Colors Are Available?

A Kitchen with a dark brick wall and dark brown Dekton countertops.


Dekton has 40+ colors available. The palette overall tends to be earthy and metallic to integrate into your current kitchen design neutrally. You probably won’t be making a loud “statement” with the subdued colors of your counters. The range includes solid colors and washed or grainy patterns and some with lovely veining that look like white marble.

How Expensive Are These Counters?

A stage photo of a welcome tray on sand-colored Dekton countertops.


Dekton is excellent for being a budget-friendly option. This countertop material is significantly less expensive than Quartz, Granite, and Marble which offers a great alternative to homeowners. However, Dekton is by far more costly than laminate and concrete, so there are more options for you if you are exceptionally tight with your budget.

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