7 Reasons Why FeelsWarm is the Best Solution for Heated Countertops

Did you know home upgrades don’t have to require a lot of time or effort? With a FeelsWarm countertop heating system, you can install a lavish home upgrade quickly and make your home feel comfortable and inviting.

Simple and luxurious upgrades to your home can add to overall home resale value. A FeelsWarm countertop heating kit is the hot product you need to increase your home’s value, almost instantaneously!

Customize a FeelsWarm countertop heating system to any stone countertop to add warm, radiant heat to your home. Create a homey feel to your kitchen, or turn your home office into a haven of luxury. Imagine the possibilities!

With the benefit of a FeelsWarm countertop heater kit, you have comfort and style together in one. Reach out to FeelsWarm today to install a functional and luxurious countertop heating system in your kitchen or stunning home office.

7 Reasons Why FeelsWarm is the Best Countertop Heating System

What is a FeelsWarm countertop heating kit, and how does it work? Glad you asked!

Discreet, ultra low profile mats attach under any stone surface, plugging into a standard outlet with low-voltage output. The result? Comfortable stone surfaces you are happy to rest your extremities on. If you’d like more information about the technology behind heated countertops, you can find the details here.

Here are the top 7 reasons why you should say yes to installing a FeelsWarm countertop heating system in your home today.

Warm chicken wings on a dark stone countertop

1. Food Stays Warm

You’ve just made the best home-cooked meal, and you sit down at your counter to enjoy it. In the past, your hot dish’s temperature would drop significantly after being placed on your cold stone countertop.

But with FeelsWarm now in place under your stone counters, your casserole, side dish, or dessert will keep warm! Eliminate the cold feel of granite, quartz, or another stoneware with a customizable countertop heater kit, exclusively from FeelsWarm.

Install your FeelsWarm kit under the ledges of counter space, from small to large or awkward shapes. Place dishes you want to remain warm on the FeelsWarm sections and place cold items like beverages on the inside. A perfect buffet for entertaining guests!

2. Easy to Install

Each FeelsWarm system is a simple peel-and-stick application. The micro-thin mat (⅜ inch) adheres directly under any stone countertop. The kits are discreet and permanent, giving you lasting comfort.

Brand new or unfinished stoneware may need some prep before application. If this occurs, purchase a priming kit from FeelsWarm, follow the instructions for priming, and install your countertop heating kit afterward.

Someone measuring a counter top to install custom FeelsWarm countertop heating mats.

3. Customizable

No matter what size or shape your stone counter is, customize a FeelsWarm heating kit to your desired shape. Whether you are looking to outfit your kitchen counter, kitchen workspace, or home office, a FeelsWarm kit can adapt to you. Large or small, we fit it all!

Remember how happy your feet were after experiencing heated floors? Or your backside after seat heaters were invented? Your forearms await that same happiness.

Since FeelsWarm is applied directly underneath the stoneware, your existing marble and stone countertops can remain intact. Have support beams and corbels in the way? No problem! We can even fit it to scale around odd shapes and obstructions.

Meant for indoor use but can be customized to outdoor stoneware as well. It is safe to use on any stone you have, like granite, quartz, slate, travertine, and many more.

A heated desk that is energy efficient

4. Energy Efficient

Each FeelsWarm countertop heating kit uses a standard outlet, running off low voltage (6-24 volts, depending on size). Customized power is not required.

Depending on the heater size, the current draw on a 120v power line is typically ½ – 2 amps. Equivalent to a 75 watt light bulb.

Remarkably low cost, most users report they can run a FeelsWarm countertop heating kit for under $.15 – $.20 per day. This means minimal cost and a great return on investment for you!

The unit comes with adjustable temperature settings. However, it is designed to warm the surface 20-25 degrees above room/stone temperature for peak comfort. The unit should be warm but never hot.

The countertop heater kit warms gradually. You can expect it to take approximately 90 minutes to reach its maximum temperature setting. By doing this, it allows a slow, gradual increase, preventing fractures or breakage.

A kitchen in winter with stone counters and counter top heaters.

5. Eliminates Cold Climate Discomfort

The unique nature of the stone makes it cool to the touch, even in high heat weather conditions. Stone has what’s called high thermal conductivity. This means heat flows through it at an extremely rapid rate.

No matter the external temperature, the body’s temperature always hovers around 98.6. When your hand touches the stone, heat gets zapped out of your body and into the stone. Since FeelsWarm increases the temperature of stone, this process is null, making it pleasant to touch.

FeelsWarm provides year-round benefits. In the dead of winter, your hands can rest comfortably on your stone office desk. Even in a tropical paradise where your air conditioning is likely on full-blast, FeelsWarm will maintain a delightfully satisfying temperature.

Imagine having a kitchen or work environment that feels warm and inviting. That’s what a FeelsWarm countertop heater kit can do for you.

An older couple leaning on their warm stone counters from FeelsWarm

6. May Benefit Medical Conditions

Reynauds, arthritis, and low blood pressure are just some medical conditions exacerbated by touching something cold like stone. No need to suffer any longer.

Conditions like Reynauds are triggered by touching something cold and can become unbearable. People living with arthritis may experience joint stiffening and discomfort. This doesn’t have to happen.

You’ll quickly discover how FeelsWarm may help alleviate the symptoms you’d normally feel when touching cold stone counters.

A young woman leaning on her heated stone countertops.

7. Warm, Comfortable, and Inviting

Comfort and convenience are all an invitation to linger in luxury. Gather your loved ones and unite around a countertop warmed by FeelsWarm.

While your forearms rest on warmth, you can comfortably write in your journal, read the latest novel, or catch up on your IG account. You’ll discover it stays hot, allowing more time to stick around and gossip with your spouse or friends.

Your stunning home office desk awaits a makeover with FeelsWarm. You’ll want to spend time working at your desk pursuing your dream job. Your kids will want to stay and do their homework at your kitchen desk. Now that’s a miracle worth every penny!

Goodbye cold granite, hello FeelsWarm!


Remove the cold feel of your island or desk with a FeelsWarm countertop warmer.





Remove the cold feel of your island or desk with a FeelsWarm countertop warmer.